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How We Move Forward

How We Move Forward

To our valued AppGearCo family,

In these uncertain times, we want the Herd to know that Appalachian Gear Company is open for business. The health and safety of our staff will always be our number 1 priority, and we are closely following global developments surrounding COVID-19 while enforcing CDC guidelines for businesses and employers. That said, as a small, cottage outdoor gear brand that handles its own manufacturing domestically, we are well positioned to safely continue doing what we do through this difficult period. Here is why:

1) We have a modern organizational structure where numerous employees work remotely and are located across multiple cities. Aside from our yarn, which comes from Peru, all of our other supplies, all of our manufacturing, and all of our business partners are located in the USA and are not impacted by international supply chain disruptions. We already have a solid pipeline of product in our plant and at contractors.

2) Our manufacturing plant is a standalone structure that is not in a business park. Our facility has 3 sections that are physically separated: the warehouse, the manufacturing area, and the business & fulfillment office. It’s very easy for us to stay separated from each other.

3) We handle our own fulfillment, so we don’t have to worry about a 3rd party fulfillment center shutting down.

4) We pay all of our employees a salary rather than an hourly wage. That means if they have to be out of work, they still get paid. Even though we are a small business, we provide solid benefits like health insurance, vision, dental, and life insurance. We are all cross-trained and AppGearCo employees are able to fill in at other positions as needed.

We appreciate that large companies are taking defensive steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and many of them need to for various reasons. But at AppGearCo, we have solid protections already in place, we are small and flexible, and we plan to keep moving forward. Take care of yourselves and each other, get into the back-country when you can, and know that we are here for you. 

John Gage, Appalachian Gear Company Co-Founder


Dwayne and I are behind you guys ALL THE WAY. We own 4 tees and 2 women’s hoodies. I bought my daughter her favorite tee at AT Trail Days last yr, and i just got her a hoodie…but Dwayne’s out in the cold without hoodie. Com’on guys!
Stay safe & take care of each other!
Peace out. Carrie

Caroline Riedlinger ,

Now, I’m definitely going to buy from this company!

Shayla Waite,

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