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Meet the Product: AG-Tee

Meet the Product: AG-Tee

We are thrilled to introduce you to the latest in our apparel line…something that’s completely new: the AG-Tee. Here at App Gear Co, we’ve taken a basic outdoor staple and created the ultimate blend of natural fibers to give you an extraordinary tech tee that nothing else out there compares to. Trust us, it’s this good.

AG-Tee, Royal Blue

First, a look inside the brain trust that resulted in something truly unique. After years of some hard earned blood, sweat, and tears, we took cues from our original tee, and with some rigorous research and development, we landed on an exceptional blend of natural fibers: 80% alpaca / 20% TENCEL™. This 100% natural blend of fibers resulted in a technical t-shirt that provides superior comfort and performance that’s sustainable, environmentally friendly, and constructed without the use of synthetics like polyester & nylon. You may be asking yourself, what’s so special about this blend and what makes it stand out? 

Great. We thought you’d never ask. Let us explain…

To start, the workhorse fiber in the blend is what you most likely already know and love: alpaca. Alpaca fiber brings the exceptional performance characteristics we have been highlighting for the last 5 years, such as natural moisture management, temperature regulation, and odor control. Next, we knew there were a lot of fiber choices that we didn’t want to use for this new blend. Although Merino wool is a high performing fiber, it requires chemical processing to make it launderable and soft, which isn’t exactly the most environmentally-friendly process and we aren’t about that. Polyester, nylon, and acrylic were an absolute no-go due to the obvious (hello microplastics and petroleum). Rayon, bamboo, and hemp are all natural fibers, but they too have a manufacturing process that greatly impacts our environment. And last was cotton, which do we even have to explain? (Cotton kills!)

In comes the new player to the game…TENCEL™. You may be familiar with TENCEL™ fiber, which has traditionally been used in fashion and in some other consumer products. To get a bit more technical, TENCEL™ is a cellulose fiber sustainably sourced from Eucalyptus trees and produced in an environmentally friendly, closed-loop process. But what really adds to the beauty of this blend is the durability and softness that TENCEL™ provides. 

When it came to turning our vision of the AG-Tee into a reality, our R&D showed us that by mixing a small amount of TENCEL™ with alpaca, you get a synergistic blend of fibers that supercharges all of the qualities we wanted in a t-shirt. It’s lightweight, durable, breathable, and has climate regulation across a wide range of conditions. It’s incredibly comfortable, and best of all, it’s 100% sustainable. 

The AG-Tee cools you down in warm weather, while also providing remarkable insulation in cooler weather (including keeping you warm when wet). The blend of fibers produces the durability you'll need for extended outdoor activities including thru-hikes, long multi-pitch climbs, mountain runs, and long days in the saddle on your next bikepacking trip. Plus, it’s quick-drying, odor resistant, and offers comfort and draping that will make you want to wear it all the time everywhere you go. You don’t need to wash this garment often, but it is fully machine washable.

Our goal has always been to provide outdoor enthusiasts clothing and gear they know will last and has as little impact to our dear Mother Earth as possible. We want you to spend less time worrying about what you’re wearing and more time enjoying the outdoors. Our new Tee provides just that. 

All of us here at App Gear Co know that all you really need are those few outdoor apparel pieces that look great, function and perform well, and just feel good to wear. The AG-Tee is all of those things, and you won’t want to be without it when packing for your next outdoor adventure. Now are you convinced? Good, we hope you’ll give it a go and then tag us on social or drop a review to let us know what you think!

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