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Meet the Team: Lee

V.P. of Marketing

Here on the App Gear Co team, we practice what we preach:  our employees love to work hard, but play harder...and love to rock our All-Paca Performance apparel while doing so. Because we love getting to know our customers, from hearing their stories to following along on their adventures, we wanted to give our customers a chance to get to know us: the exuberant, passionate, adventurous people who make the App Gear Co machine run.’s a peek into the life of Lee, our Vice President of Marketing.

An environmentalist, biologist, and educator by trade, Lee loves educating his fellow adventurers on edible and medicinal plants. When he’s not blogging about environmental stewardship or leading his own herbal courses, you can find him ice climbing, backpacking, rock climbing, or mountaineering. We’re thrilled to have Natty the Adventurer on the team!

    What is your favorite piece of outdoor gear? 

      My favorite piece of gear is my tent. I have an old school TNF Mountain 35 that is a bomb shelter.


        When has App Gear Co apparel saved the day for you? 

          One time in particular, I was climbing Mt. Hood and a storm blew in from the NW out of AGC Fleece Hoodie saved my life as a prime layering factor!


            If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?  

              I’m fortunate enough to get to travel for work and for play (hey, it’s still work if I wear my All-Paca apparel, right?), and I plan to climb Denali next.


                What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?  

                  I took ballroom dancing for 4 years.


                    What’s your favorite outdoor activity?  

                      Ice climbing and car camping


                        Worst outdoor experience?  

                          Being sprayed by bear spray (accidentally) during a safety talk in Yellowstone NP

                          Lee ice climbing

                            Favorite camping spot?  

                              Secret spot tucked into Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains


                                If you were to only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

                                  Biscuits and Gravy!!!!


                                    What are you reading?  

                                      More resources on medicinal plants


                                        What are you watching?  

                                          The Office


                                            What are you listening to?  

                                              Duh...Reggae Music (Ziggy Marley currently)


                                                Drink of choice?  

                                                  Sweet tea (can you tell I’m a southerner?) or mint herbal tea

                                                    Best gift you’ve ever gotten?  

                                                      The chance to rescue my best dog Maxwell.


                                                        What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?  

                                                          “You’ve made the wine, now you drink the cup” - Jeff Lynn


                                                            You’re stranded on a deserted island. What can’t you live without?  

                                                              Body Glide


                                                                What’s one thing you do EVERY day, without fail?  

                                                                  Plan a new trip


                                                                    Proudest accomplishment? 

                                                                      Obtaining three degrees and being able to apply that knowledge to App Gear!


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