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We’re never going to call any product perfect, but the All-Paca Fleece Hoodie comes awfully close

Backpacker Magazine


This hoodie is life yo. After hiking so much in the whites last summer I thought for sure I needed my puffy for nights on the Long Trail Trip. But my new(ish) alpaca wool hoodie from appgearco kept me perfectly warm at camp. What I didn’t realize is how much I would actually use it while hiking the trail. The bugs were awful and this guy was a friggin godsend. Its amazing how something so warm could also breathe so well while shielding me from the literal cloud of bugs out to drink my blood. I wore this thing almost my entire hike, night and day, and it magically stayed dry and completely free of B.O. I didnt even wash it when I got back and it still smells brand new. I also used it on my roadwalks and it shielded me from the sun. I cant even wrap my head around how the same item can keep you warm and cool in different temperatures. I can honestly say that this friggin hoodie is my absolute favorite piece of gear and I will never backpack again without one.

Kristee C., From Instagram


Amazing company that has the best customer service. I’ve worn my Alpaca shirt everyday for the past 3 weeks while thru-hiking the AT. It dries quickly, doesn’t stain, and greatly reduces smell. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this shirt for all hikers!
Ben V., from Facebook
Loved meeting you at Trail Days. Thanks for the All-Paca education! Great product!
Stephen G., from Instagram
I purchased one of your All-Paca shirts, and I love it! It fits great and is so comfortable! I’ll be getting more of these!
Wayne H., from Instagram
Just took my All-Paca shirt on a backpacking trip to Yellowstone!
Crosby C., from Instagram
Purchased an All-Paca Shirt: absolutely fabulous. Wicks great and very warm on cool evenings.
Will M., from Instagram
Phenomenal company to interact with and order from. Their products keep you warm; their friendliness will keep you around and tell everyone about them. Thank you for being you.
Anoosha L., from Facebook
This is the holy grail of all T shirts. You will never want to take it off.
Brian E., from Facebook
Congratulations on all your success. Wishing you continued success into the future!
Lisa G., from Instagram
Great new company with high quality all natural products! Check them out!
Anita E., from Facebook
Yesterday was supposed to be bitter cold so what better way to test out some new gear than head out skiing. Appalachian Gear Companyreached out a week ago asking if I would test their beanies and new buff. I've been looking at their products for a while now because anytime I can support a USA made company I'm going too. Second, it's 100 percent Alpaca which intrigued me.My first impression of the company was friendly and very down to earth, after a week of testing and chatting with Appalachian Gear Company I can also add that they truly want to put out a great product and care about what we think.My first impression of the buff and beanies was very light weight (which concerned me at first for warmth), nice colours (especially the stripes!), And loved the feel of soft🙂. After a week of both myself and one other person testing the beanies we both were surprised with the warmth. They never felt like we were wearing them but we kept warm. Snow...never soaked thru. Not once. And here's the most important part that I was wanting, a beanie that stayed down! And it did. All day long. I never had to keep pulling it down! The buff...oh dear. It's soft, fits my little neck, is warm and repels snow and when covering my face vents perfectly preventing sunglasses fogging up. So even though it's been only a week of testing I can honestly say I'm really happy with their products and looking forward to helping this company.
The Nomadic Ice Axe, from Facebook
Guys! I love the beanie from your recent giveaway!I read the accompanying letter and wanted to offer some input. Currently, I buy 100% of my clothes from Soul Flower. The only items that I avoid are the eco-plastic blends. While I really love the styles and prints, I won't wear plastic. If you offer these types of styles in natural fibers, I will be first in line to shop.In the meantime, I'm going to see what offerings you have that will complement our lifestyle! Thank you again!
Sandy M., from Facebook
Just got my shirts in the mail today. I can't get over how lovely the color is! The computer screen doesn't do these shirts justice!
Kathy W., from Kickstarter
I wore my shirt to the gym the other day - I love it! It's super comfortable. Thanks!
Melissa M., from Kickstarter