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    1. We started this company because we have an extensive background in textile manufacturing and we believe that the United States still has the ability to make the highest quality textile products in the world. We believe in global fair trade, and we do not have any negative feeling toward any other country - but we do believe in competition - and we believe that a strong manufacturing sector is vital to having a strong country and strong economy, which provides opportunity.

    2. We developed All-Paca™ fabric because we wanted to prove that there were new and better fabrics yet to be developed based on natural fibers. Our All-Paca fabric is the first-ever lightweight knitted technical garment made from 100% alpaca fiber that can be laundered.

    3. We believe people want performance, quality, and great value - not just a cheap price. 

    4. We believe that small business creates more jobs than global conglomerates, which strive to seek ever-cheaper labor and to continuously delete jobs through increased automation.

    5. We believe in continuously striving to improve our products. We will continue to improve our current products as well as develop new products that support our company values.

    6. We believe in environmental protection. We will design our processes and products with our goal of reducing our impact on the environment. We are aware that plastics have had a major negative impact on our environment, and that although there are some valid reasons to have plastic in certain products, we believe that too many plastic products are used in processes, products and packing.  We believe that polyester and nylon apparel fibers are just as environmentally damaging as plastic packaging and products because polyester and nylon fibers relase micro-particles into the environment which end up in the food chain.  We believe that if more people buy natural fibers - like our 100% Alpaca garments and our 100% cotton garments - it will have a positive impact on the environment.  We believe that there are plenty of great options and great technology available in order to provide high performance while utilizing naturally-based materials:

    7. We pledge to to maximize the use of renewable materials in our products without using polyester, nylon, acrylic, or blends of those in our fabrics. If we develop a piece of gear that absolutely requires some type of synthetic, we pledge that we will strive to develop the product using a blend of a natural fiber with a recycled synthetic, and we will strive to ensure that the synthetic will be less than or equal to 50% of the composition.

    8. We also pledge to use renewable material like cardboard and paper in our packaging rather than single-use throw-away plastic bags.

    9. We pledge to use renewable cardboard and paper materials in our internal material handling whenever possible. If we use plastic, it will be in durable equipment like buggies that will not end up in landfills. We pledge to always buy used plastic equipment like material handling buggies rather than buying new so that we can do our part in recycling.

    10. We pledge to recycle water in our process where possible, and are doing so now.

    11. We pledge to use electric process power and not use any process machinery that utilizes carbon-based fuel of any kind.

    12. We believe in Leave No Trace (LNT) principles.

    13. We believe in the outdoors - Getting Out and Staying Out. We believe that great friendships are made when participating in outdoor activities.

    14. We will never sell your personal information. We do not like it when it happens to us, and we will not do it to you. Our business model is to sell products that we make, not to sell your data.