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All-Paca™ Infinity Scarf

Product image 1All-Paca™ Infinity Scarf
Product image 2All-Paca™ Infinity Scarf
Product image 3All-Paca™ Infinity Scarf
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All-Paca™ Infinity Scarf

The Infinity Scarf's versatile style and design will have you covered no matter the activity. Heading out on the town? The All-Paca Infinity Scarf will keep your neck toasty while you're taking in the scenery or waiting on a reservation. Gearing up for a day hike? No problem! The Infinity Scarf has all the moisture wicking properties and breathability of our All-Paca Neck Pipe and Fleece Gaiter. Dress it up or down while staying cozy thanks to a looser fit we know you will love!

We typically ship orders within a week from date of purchase to provide time for processing and packaging as we fulfill and package every order by hand. If we have an influx of orders (i.e. when we drop new inventory), it may take up to two weeks for shipment of items.

Sizing & Fit
  • One Size Fits Most

  • You don’t need to wash this garment often. Even if you are active and sweating in it, just air it out. Alpaca does not retain odors and doesn’t support bacterial growth. Since it is an animal fiber, it is susceptible to moth damage, so you will want to store it so that moths can’t get to it just like you would with wool. However, washing will not harm your Infinity Scarf.

  • Use a small to medium load, cold water, light cycle (regular cycle is OK), and wash with other performance fabrics & socks. We recommend to NOT wash in large loads, or with heavy fabrics like jeans/towels

  • Use any normal detergent. Do not use “washing Soda”, Chlorine OR Peroxide bleaches, or “Oxygen Cleaners”

  • Tumble dry your Infinity Scarf on low to medium-low heat in a small load with other similar items - it will only take approximately 8-10 minutes to dry. Medium to high heat, or drying in large loads with jeans/towels is not recommended. Laying flat to dry works too.

  • Our All-Paca fleece products will not exhibit much shrinkage.

  • When you receive your Infinity Scarf it may feel a little flat or stiff from shipping and being folded. If so, you can turn your garment inside-out and put it in your dryer with no heat (i.e., the Fluff Cycle) with 3 or 4 wool dryer balls and tumble for 15-20 minutes. That will fluff-up your garment.

  • If you are backpacking or traveling, and need to wash this garment for any reason, and do not have access to regular detergents:

    1. Backpacking: Just rinse with stream water, let air dry, do not use detergent, follow Leave No Trace Principles

    2. Traveling: you can use shampoo, mild liquid dish/hand detergent (just a drop or two) , rinse in a sink, wring out, hang dry or lay it on a towel to dry

  • Weft Knit - 100% Alpaca fiber is knitted into a unique fabric that provides exceptional performance.  Our special knit structure resists “running” - so if you poke a hole in it while you are in the backcountry, the hole may get slightly larger over time, but you don’t have to worry about the hole turning in to a long “run” as experienced in many lightweight knits.

  • Lightweight - Ensures this is a piece of gear you'll never hesitate to throw in your pack.

  • Our lightweight Hoodies, Crews, Beanies, and Scarves are all made from 100% Alpaca yarn spun to our specifications.

  • We knit our fabrics in our own North Carolina, USA facility utilizing our Patent Pending process.

  • Our Garments are constructed in various Sewing facilities located in the Southeast USA, supporting other small businesses just like us.

  • We design our own products with the help of various Southeastern USA design consultants who use state-of-the-art equipment for digitizing patterns and prototyping new products.

  • Our fabrics are tested at various Southeastern USA testing labs that utilize standard ASTM Test Methods.

  • We import our custom-spun yarn from our trusted partners in Peru - made to our exacting specifications, supporting fair trade in North and South America.  Since we have extensive Textile Manufacturing expertise, we deal directly with manufacturers - never brokers.

Made in the USA

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While the fiber is responsibly sourced from a yarn producer in Peru, our fabric and garments are entirely created in the United States. By producing the fabric in our own facility in Kings Mountain, we are able to:

  • Have better oversight of the manufacturing process
  • Ensure the production of a higher quality garment
  • Respond to technical challenges more efficiently
  • Develop innovative materials and new garments more quickly
  • Create American jobs in the future
  • Ensure employees have a safe working environment
  • Ensure employees are paid fair wages



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