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The All-Paca™ Advantage

Moisture Managing

Pulls moisture away from skin for a more comfortable wear.

Temperature Regulating

Keeps you cool when it’s hot out, warm when it’s cold out.


Resists the growth of bacteria that cause odors.

Flame Resistant

Meets the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s specifications for Class 1 fiber and does not melt.


Wears comfortably all day and is a great choice to pack for long hikes.

Environmentally Friendly

Alpacas' efficient eating and drinking habits have a smaller impact than other grazing animals.

Stay Warm, Stay Out

Layer up in our 100% alpaca shirts, hoodies, beanies and buffs and never miss an adventure

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Optimize your Setup

Our All-Paca Fleece products are designed to maximize functionality and minimize volume and weight in your pack

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Appalachian Gear Company is an outdoor lifestyle company specializing in performance-based clothing and equipment manufactured in the United States. We're combining 50 years in the textile industry with countless miles logged on trails across the country to introduce innovative products that provide performance and value while minimizing environmental impact. 

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