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Back to Kings Mountain

We've been keeping you posted about our recent move to a new manufacturing facility and how it will allow us to significantly increase production of our award-winning All-Paca products...but did you know this is also a homecoming for us?

We're thrilled to share this video celebrating the rich heritage of Kings Mountain, NC, a small town we're proud to (once again) call home.

Funky Alpaca
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  • Welcome back to Kings Mountain.

    Mark Neal
  • Thank you for a great product and manufacturing here in the USA. I look forward to purchasing additional All-Paca Appalachian Gear products. I have a beanie, pre-ordered a hoodie, and looking at one for my wife, plus blankets or sleeping bag liners. I love alpaca softness and warmth. I’m excited your factory is up and running! Thank-you

    Morten Homme
  • Thank you Appalachian Gear Company for your wonderful textiles, which I absolutely love; but most of all, thank you for this wonderful story of bringing pride of manufacturing back to our beloved country. It’s people like you who will breath life and hope back into our nation. Everyone I know wants to produce goods in our own country, but business has abandoned our towns and cities. This video brought tears to my eyes. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, for all you do. I wish you success. I have four hoodies and one liner. I want to support those that support our communities. Congratulations on your return to Kings Mountain.

    Jan Mariolle

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