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The All-Paca Advantage™

Our Garments are made from 100% Alpaca Fiber. No Blends, No Harsh Chemicals.
Alpaca fiber is naturally moisture managing, temperature regulating, bacteria & odor-resistant, lightweight, flame-resistant, and hypoallergenic. Its features combine to create a material that is perfect for a comfortable garment that performs under extreme conditions.

Alpaca fiber is strong & resilient. It has an amazing ability to resist staining. In fact, when traveling, you don’t even need to wash it - just hang it up.  When on the trail, don’t worry, it won’t get funky even though you might.  (see our care instructions for more care information)

The best thing about Alpaca? The fiber itself only absorbs approximately 10% of its weight in moisture.  As a comparison - Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and cotton can absorb many times its weight in moisture.  Why is this important?  Moisture makes your garment heavy.  And, most importantly, moisture makes you hotter in warm weather if it doesn’t evaporate efficiently, and moisture makes you colder in cold weather if it doesn’t evaporate efficiently.

EVAPORATION IS THE KEY.  Alpaca doesn’t absorb much moisture - yet the alpaca fiber allows moisture to effectively evaporate around it. That way - you stay cooler in warm weather and warmer in cool weather when you are sweating.   So - remember -  “moisture wicking” is not the key to climate control -  EFFECTIVE EVAPORATION is the key.

Alpaca Fiber insulates you even when the fabric is wet! This is a very important natural feature of Alpaca Fiber - and it is important for your safety and your comfort. Even though Alpaca absorbs much less moisture than other natural fibers, we all know there are certain situations where you will be wet. Examples are rainy weather and times when you are involved in extreme exertion like backpacking, climbing, running, or biking.  Since Alpaca Fiber has an amazing ability to insulate even when wet, it means after a long day of exertion or rain in cool or cold weather, you will still have effective protection from All-Paca garments while you are cooling down and setting up camp.  No one likes to feel that cold clammy chill you get when wearing plastic synthetic fibers in cool damp weather.  And did you know that this same feature makes our garments GREAT for cold water paddlers - well it does !

No need to use soap on the trail.  (well - maybe on your own body…) Even “environmentally friendly” soaps are not great for use in streams. Why ? - because SOAP ISN’T NATURAL ! Certain Soaps may be made by a chemical reaction of natural ingredients - but soap isn’t found in nature, so keep it out of streams if at all possible.  With “All-Paca” garments - just dunk them in a stream, wring them out on the ground a good distance from the stream, and you’re good to go.  In a pinch, while traveling, wash them in a sink with just a drop of shampoo - rinse - wring it out - and hang dry. Alpaca dries very quickly.

So, Yes, it is definitely an advantage to have Alpaca Fiber in your gear kit.  In fact, even though we love Alpaca Fiber, we feel so strongly about the emerging environmental damage cause by microplastics entering the environment as a result of the proliferation of synthetic garments, that we urge you to look into ALL TYPES of natural fiber alternatives. Every fiber is not suitable for every person. We are all different. Natural fibers are also high performance - you just have to look for innovative companies like AppGearCo who decided to get serious about providing a high performance alternative.  If you see us at a festival and have questions - please let us know. We love to talk about fibers - and we want people to like our stuff - but we’ll give you the scoop on why you should look at all natural fibers, not just ours


  • Our lightweight Hoodies, Shirts, Beanies, Buffs, and Gaiters are all made from 100% Alpaca yarn spun to our specifications.
  • We knit our fabrics in our own North Carolina, USA facility utilizing our Patent Pending process.
  • Our Garments are constructed in various Sewing facilities located in the Southeast USA, supporting other small businesses just like us.
  • We design our own products with the help of various Southeastern USA design consultants who use state-of-the-art equipment for digitizing patterns and prototyping new products.
  • Our fabrics are tested at various Southeastern USA testing labs that utilize standard ASTM Test Methods.
  • We import our custom-spun yarn from our trusted partners in Peru - made to our exacting specifications, supporting fair trade in North and South America.  Since we have extensive Textile Manufacturing expertise, we deal directly with manufacturers - never brokers.


  • Weft Knit - 100% Alpaca fiber is knitted into a unique fabric that provides exceptional performance.  Our special knit structure resists “running” - so if you poke a hole in it while you are in the backcountry, the hole may get slightly larger over time, but you don’t have to worry about the hole turning in to a long “run” as experienced in many lightweight knits.
  • Lightweight - Ensures this is a shirt you'll never hesitate to throw in your pack.
  • “Regular Fit” Style - Not too snug and not too loose. It looks great and allows for a full range of motion. Natural fibers perform at their optimal level when allowed a little room to breathe.
  • Longer tail - Provides coverage and allows for free movement.

The Trail Seam™

The unique 100% Alpaca fiber fabric deserved a seam that would be worthy of Adventure. We designed our Trail Seam™ for tremendous toughness and durability, so you can be confident the gear will perform under extreme stress and prolonged usage.  Our hoodies and shirts have been thousands of miles and experienced millions and millions of rubs under backpack straps - and our Trail Seam™ has consistently met those stringent demands.

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