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All-Paca™ Toncho

Product image 1All-Paca™ Toncho
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Product image 3All-Paca™ Toncho
Product image 4All-Paca™ Toncho
Product image 5All-Paca™ Toncho
Product image 6All-Paca™ Toncho

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Introducing our latest new product, the All-Paca Toncho ™ !   This piece is a poncho-style garment, except we have tweaked the design. The "Toncho"  has a Turtleneck rather than a hood, and the Turtleneck is 2 layers of our All-Paca Fleece.   The Toncho is also shorter than the poncho and will fit most people at the waist, and it has a circular bottom rather than a square bottom.  Overall, this stylish and functional piece is a more compact garment than the All-Paca Poncho, and great for layering. 

Ponchos have been regarded for centuries as an extremely functional and practical garment, with origins that trace back to the Andean and Patagonian regions of South America. At AppGearCo, we love products that combine practicality and functionality…products that are useful in a wide range of climates and situations. The classic Poncho is one of those products—a highly effective layer that is versatile, easy to put on and take off, and highly breathable (like all our All-Paca™ products).

Our new All-Paca™ Toncho is made from 100% baby alpaca fleece with no added synthetics just like the original All-Paca™ Poncho.  This highly packable piece has natural temperature regulating properties, so you’ll stay warm when it’s cold but won’t overheat on sunnier days, plus it insulates even when it’s wet. The Toncho works great under a rain poncho for added warmth, as an outer layer. he All-Paca™ Toncho is a sustainable, high-performance alternative to synthetic options that anyone can rock on the trail and beyond.

We typically ship orders within a week from date of purchase to provide time for processing and packaging as we fulfill and package every order by hand. If we have an influx of orders (i.e. when we drop new inventory), it may take up to two weeks for shipment of items.

Our Tonchos are always limited runs, so if you see one you like, grab it before its gone !

  • Size: One size Fits Most. 

  • All-Paca™ Fabric has great stretch and regain, so don't worry about stretching it over your head on chilly nights.

  • While you don’t need to wash this poncho since alpaca freshens up on its own, don’t worry…if you spill your spaghetti on it, it is washable. Just wash by itself in cold water on a light cycle with liquid detergent (do not use harsh powdered detergents, bleach, or “oxygen” cleaners). Then just tumble dry by itself on a low heat setting for 10 or 12 minutes. You can also use dryer balls to fluff it. Sometimes, just tumbling the poncho on low heat with drier balls for 10-12 minutes is enough to freshen and fluff it without even washing. Be careful not to wash or tumble dry the poncho with other garments - especially ones with buttons or zippers - since the edges are serged and can snag on garment hardware. Note: alpaca wool is susceptible to moth damage, so you will want to store it in such a way to prevent contact with moths.

  • When you receive your garment it may feel a little flat or stiff from shipping and being folded. If so, you can put it in your dryer with no heat (i.e., the Fluff Cycle) with 3 or 4 wool dryer balls and tumble for roughly 15 minutes. That will fluff-up your poncho.

  • If you are backpacking or traveling, and need to wash this poncho for any reason, and do not have access to regular detergents:

    1. Backpacking: Just rinse with stream water, let air dry, do not use detergent, follow Leave No Trace Principles

    2. Traveling: you can use shampoo, mild liquid dish/hand detergent (just a drop or two) , rinse in a sink, wring out, hang dry or lay it on a towel to dry

    3. Check out our printable care instructions for more information.



  • Weft Knit - 100% Alpaca fiber is knitted into a unique fabric that provides exceptional performance.  Our special knit structure resists “running” - so if you poke a hole in it while you are in the backcountry, the hole may get slightly larger over time, but you don’t have to worry about the hole turning in to a long “run” as experienced in many lightweight knits.

  • Lightweight - Ensures this is a piece of gear you'll never hesitate to throw in your pack.


    • Fabric Weight:   250 GSM - Weight can vary to do variations in the natural fiber

    • Overall Garment Weight:  20-22 oz. Slight weight variability in our poncho is due to the natural variability of alpaca fiber.

    • Our lightweight ponchos are made from 100% Alpaca yarn with our proprietary process.

    • We knit our fabrics and sew our garments in our own North Carolina, USA facility utilizing our Patent Pending process. 

    • We design our own products using state-of-the-art equipment for digitizing patterns and prototyping new products.

    • Our fabrics are tested at various Southeastern USA testing labs that utilize standard ASTM Test Methods.

    • We import our custom-spun yarn from our trusted partners in Peru - made to our exacting specifications.  We require our vendors to hold Fair Trade, Responsible Alpaca, and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certifications.

    • Since we have extensive Textile Manufacturing expertise, we deal directly with manufacturers - never brokers.

    • Custom Stripes: Actual stripe may be slightly different from the picture shown, as our custom stripe runs have a variable stripe design from beginning to end.  We use our leftover yarns to design stripes, and this adds to our sustainability and reduces our waste. So, your stripe will always be unique, as we rarely create the same stripe twice.

    Made in the USA

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    While our Alpaca fiber is responsibly sourced from a yarn producer in Peru, our Alpaca fabric and garments are entirely created in the United States. By producing the fabric in our own facility in Kings Mountain, we are able to:

    • Have better oversight of the manufacturing process
    • Ensure the production of a higher quality garment
    • Respond to technical challenges more efficiently
    • Develop innovative materials and new garments more quickly
    • Create American jobs in the future
    • Ensure employees have a safe working environment
    • Ensure employees are paid fair wages

    Our 100% Cotton Tees are constructed in Honduras, then garment dyed in the US, and printed in the US.



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