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Meet the Product: All-Paca™ Sleeping Bag Liner

Meet the Product: All-Paca™ Sleeping Bag Liner

Add warmth to your sleeping bag with the All-Paca Sleeping Bag Liner

     You may have noticed that we have a new addition to our stellar AppGearCo lineup. Introducing our All-Paca Sleeping Bag Liner! We are thrilled to expand into the world of gear with this 100% alpaca fiber microfleece sleeping bag liner – a lightweight, versatile, and eco-friendly addition to any outdoor sleep system. Because this product is so radically different from anything else out there (trust us, we’ve looked), we wanted to expand on it a bit more than what you’ll find on the product page. So, without further ado…let’s dig a little deeper.

     Our bag liner is made from 100% alpaca fiber. By now, if you’re familiar with AppGearCo or alpaca fiber, you already know it is warmer, lighter, stronger, and better at climate regulation than merino fiber of comparable micron size. If you are new to alpaca (welcome!), then everything you need to know is in the previous sentence. These aren’t our claims. Alpaca fiber has been scientifically tested with these features proven over and over.

     We decided not to get our bag liner tested for a warmth rating, because in our experience those ratings are rarely accurate due to the wide range of people’s personal comfort zones. Rather than getting our liner tested in a lab, we used it ourselves and we gave it to trusted friends to use. This liner has been used in the Smoky Mountains during rugged winter weather, it’s been in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, it’s been in the Utah outback, the Sierras, and points in-between.  We’ve been using them for approximately a year now. We’re outdoor enthusiasts and we designed this product because we couldn’t find a liner to suit our needs. We knew that alpaca fiber would finally provide the performance we had always expected, but never been able to find.

     Here’s what we found. If you use the All-Paca Sleeping Bag Liner to add warmth to a sleeping bag, it’s going to give you a solid 15-18°F of extra warmth, depending on your personal comfort sensitivity. If you are using it as a summer bag and you are in a tent, it is good into the low to mid 50s (°F). If you sleep cold, then consider it good to the lower 60s. If you are cowboy camping without wind protection, then write us and let us know how it does ( We have had numerous folks tell us they used the bag liner by itself (in a tent) down to 45° comfortably, but they were wearing cool weather layers and they were experienced backpackers who would rather be outside in the mountains than anywhere else.

     The bottom line is that most sleeping bag liners are made from polyester. Aside from contributing to microplastics in the environment, polyester doesn’t really have any insulation value on its own. A polyester bag liner provides a little extra insulation just because it is another layer and traps a little warm air, but that warm air can escape as you move around. Alpaca, on the other hand ACTUALLY INSULATES - the fiber itself provides insulation - and that is why an alpaca bag liner is so awesome. Plus, we have the only alpaca fiber bag liner in existence.

     You may be asking – but can I wash it? Oh yeah. Go ahead. Wash it AND tumble dry it if you want. Our fabric is stable, so washing/drying won’t hurt it. Just wash on a cold setting, and tumble dry on low to medium heat by itself for 10 minutes. That’s all it needs because alpaca fiber absorbs very little moisture and dries very quickly. That said, you really don’t need to wash it much, or maybe even not at all…ever. Alpaca will freshen up on its own if you hang it up, and it is highly resistant to funk-causing bacteria.

     It’s also worth noting that our fabric is very stretchy and not clingy like polyester, so it won’t be twisted all around you when you wake up. The bag length is approximately 60-62”. There is some variability in length due to the stretchiness. We are only making one size right now because this bag easily stretches up to 75”. It is cut to be roomy and comfortable, and will work with any shape of sleeping bag, even a mummy.

     When you use the All-Paca Sleeping Bag Liner, you won’t wake up clammy or wet. This fabric is highly breathable, and when you put it between you and that clammy nylon bag, you’ll really notice the difference. Even with baffles, when you move around in a sleeping bag in cold weather that cold air gets in and makes a nylon bag feel clammy and cold. With alpaca fiber, you never feel it. The alpaca fiber is extremely comfortable and great at regulating sleep climate.

      All of us who love the backcountry also love gear that is multipurpose, and our bag liner fits the bill. Have you ever seen someone walking around camp with their polyester bag liner wrapped around them? Probably not, because there is no reason to. But our All-Paca Sleeping Bag Liner makes a great shoulder wrap on cool damp evenings and mornings. Don’t worry, alpaca fiber laughs at dampness. Just throw it in your pack, and it will be fine when you get to the next campsite. It’s also great as a stadium blanket or to just throw in your daypack - you never know when you might need it.

     So, there you have it. Now, we hope you’ll get out there and give this radically new product a go, then tag us on social (@appgearco) and let us know what you think!

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Can’t wait for these to be back in stock. Would love to use this summer on the Colorado Trail!

Betsy Myers,

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